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Webinar : Super Profitable Trade with Doji Candlesticks 08 Sep 2019 │ 02:00 PM

The psychological aspect of trading is extremely important. Traders often have to think fast and make quick decisions, darting in and out of stocks on short notice. To accomplish this, they need a certain presence of mind. They also, by extension, need discipline, so they will stick with previously established trading plans and know when to book profits and losses. Emotions simply can't get in the way.

No matter you are trading in Index, Commodity, Forex or in any Stock, psychology is the main term to make perfect trading. Actually trading concept is a combination of some concepts. Without a right psychological era no one can make money from these instruments. Even no matter how much knowledge you have of Technical Analysis, you'll never make money from the market without a strong right psychological walkway.


What You Will Learn in This Webinar -

1. What is psychological trading ?
2. Understanding Fear.
3. Understanding Greed.
4. Categorizing when to be Bullish or Bearish psychologically.
5. How can we control your emotions between running market ?
6. How to use the psychological term for Swing or Intraday trading ?

Date 15 SEP 2019
Time 01:00 Pm - 04:00 Pm
Language Hindi
Fee 500 / -
Total Seats 50

 Booked Seats : 09 │ Seats Left: 41


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