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Candlestick charts are the most popular and widely used form of charting used by modern traders. Each individual candle patterns in the charts tells a story of their own in the context of overall price movement and trend. And in the all patterns one is Doji. The Doji is one of the most important candlestick pattern. The Japanese say that whenever you see a Doji, pay heed.

No matter you are trading in Nifty Future, Bank Nifty Future, Crude Oil or in any Stocks Doji always perform well in all form. This is the only candlestick pattern which'll give a clear cut indication through a single candle. And through This webinar learner can learn the concept of price action with Doji candlestick patterns so that a learner is able to distinguish and guess the situations when a Doji candlestick pattern may work successfully and when should ignore certain patterns.

This Webinar packed with 50+ real market examples and charts, in this Webinar the presenter shows you how to approach the market every single trading day like a winner, equipped with appropriate Candle Stick technical expertise and supreme self - confidence.

What You Will Learn in This Webinar -

1. Understanding Doji
2. Hidden concept behind each Doji
3. Understanding the stock price behaviour
4. Identical Support & Resistance find through Doji
5. Differentiating between Reversal and Continuation Patterns.
6. Categorizing when to be Bullish or Bearish
7. Understanding when are they reliable and when they are not.
8. When to Trade and when not to Trade
9. Placing a Stop Loss
10. Find a Target.

Date 08 SEP 2019
Time 02:00 Pm - 04:00 Pm
Language Hindi
Fee 500 / -
Total Seats 50

 Booked Seats : 49 │ Seats Left: 01


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