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Predicting The Dow Jones
Author - Poonam Sainani, Krishna Attri

Predicting The Dow Jones is the practical guide for trading in Dow Jones (Index) based on Vedic astrological phenomena. Written by a highly respected Vedic astrologer Poonam Sainani & Krishna Attri well known financial and economic analyst, a veteran writer who has contributed many important treatises to the science of astrology.

This book will liberate investors from conventional wisdom and change the way everyone thinks about investing & trading.

The Dow Jones theory is based on reasonable assumptions. Foreshadowing the efficient market theory, the Dow Jones Theory assumes that all current knowledge and information about a company and the economic climate is incorporated in share prices. There is no insider information, nor is it possible to manipulate market trends. The theory is not designed to predict individual DJIA movements, but rather to predict broad market trends because individual stocks can be manipulated. The DJIA must move together to establish a trend and are confirmed by trading volume. Trends continue until reversals signal an end.

This book makes the connection above all and the volatility of the market. This book contains detailed study of price movements, upside and downside, in the indices DJIA, with the help of Vedic astrological variables as well as solar ingression. All these have been practically experimented and have been verified and explained with the help of 25 years of empherical price data of DJIA along with the application of the principles and variables of astrology. With the application of these findings the author has been able to successfully predict the intraday direction of the indices DJIA.

So this book introduces the reader to an extensive range of Vedic astrological (Best system in world) phenomena. From an introduction to the historical basics behind astrology through to an examination of lunar astrology and planetary aspects.

Readers can draw any day's probability by using normal calculation based on this theory which is already explained in this book.

This book is likely to help the traders of DJIA futures. It will also help the intraday traders of Equity Stocks buy determining the trend & direction of the broader market Indices of the US Equity markets, namely the DJIA. Hence all the traders can plan their moves accordingly by predetermining the nerves of the markets

No need specific knowledge of astrology to use this book, everyone can understand this book if he or she know the planets name. This book contains every little knowledge which can be used to make (or find) the day's probability by simple Vedic Almanac.

Readers Will: Learn how Vedic astrological variables relate to the financial markets. Draw upon 25 years of historic correlations and 13 years of forecast data.

Author Poonam Sainani & Krishna Attri
Publisher Attri Forecast Co.
Format Paperback
No. Of Page 230
Language English
Price $ 100  (+ $15 Shipping Charge)



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