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Poonam Sainani

Poonam Sainani the Director of many companies and at present also the Director of Parashar Astro Pvt. Ltd, is a very famous name in Mumbai in India. POONAM SAINANI'S the 15 plus years that POONAM has been practicing as a Prosperity Consultant, business astrology, economic astrology and other esoteric studies, she has conducted over 60,000 and more consultations.

Her clients are not only limited to his local Indian market but include celebrities, political and diplomatic figures, media and corporate identities from all walks of life in countries as far and wide as UK, Sweden, Australia, India, the United States and many more countries.

POONAM SAINANI'S intuitive and technical expertise center very much on answers to your immediate and specific questions and his advice and forecasts are of a most practical nature. Because of this, corporations and executives highly regard his no nonsense approach a careful blend of pragmatism and spiritual insight.

After a huge sell off, A TRADER'S GUIDE TO PREDICTING MCX SILVER book she is now present

 You can make a contact with Poonam Sainani at poonam.sainani@usa.com

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