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India's 1st Almanac for Indian Stock Market

Gann's Almanac - 2017


ABOUT BOOK - Market analysts and financial media commentators have led individual investors to believe that daily news, quarterly earnings reports and corporate events drive stock prices. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is - the financial markets are a reflection of the mass psychological emotion of traders, investors and fund managers. When market participants are feeling positive, they are driven to buy. When they are feeling uncertain or negative, they are driven to sell. So what then drives human emotion? In the opinion of stock trader and author Krishna Attri, the ever-changing configurations of orbiting planets and other celestial bodies in our cosmos influence our body chemistry and thereby drive human emotion. The Sun is the centre of our planetary system. The Sun emits massive amounts of solar radiation in all directions into the vastness of space. This radiation is called solar wind. This solar wind interacts with the magnetic fields around Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These planets accept and then disburse the solar wind radiation. As the radiation is disbursed, a goodly amount of it finds its way towards the magnetic field around planet Earth. Changes in the density and speed of solar wind mean that the amount of radiation reaching Earth's magnetic field on a daily, weekly or monthly basis will be ever-changing. As a result, the intensity or flux of the Earth's magnetic field is also constantly changing. The alignment of the orbiting planets in our cosmos plays a significant role in determining how much solar radiation is deflected towards Earth's magnetic field. We all have an electrical field that runs through our tissues. Hence, basic physics demands that changes to the Earth's magnetic field will then induce subtle changes to our bodily electrical circuitry. These subtle changes are what drive our emotional responses. Human emotion changing in response to events in the cosmos is not a new concept. In the early 1900's, the venerable W.D. Gann recognized the connection between changing emotions and price fluctuations on the stock and commodity markets. His trading success realized from applying astro phenomena to the markets is legendary. This Almanac begins by offering the reader an overview of the science of Astrology. The detailed examination that then follows will show the reader how: aspect angles between the various planets and the New Moon can set the tone for the equity markets each month. the Moon transiting past certain key points in the zodiac each month aligns to short term trend changes on the New York Stock Exchange. times when Mercury, Venus and Mars are Retrograde align to trend changes on equity and commodity markets. times Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter registering maximum and minimum declination levels equate to trend changes on equity and commodity markets. times when transiting Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars make hard aspects to planetary positions in the First Trade charts of individual commodity futures are profoundly significant for traders and investors. esoteric mathematical concepts such as Gann Lines and Harmonic Lines are extraordinarily powerful tools for traders and investors to use. It is the author's sincere hope that after applying the material presented in this Almanac, readers will begin to enjoy an increased level of success with their trading and investing activity. It is further the author's hope that readers will then frequently pause to reflect on the deeper connection between the financial markets, the cosmos and the emotions of mankind."

Features -
Almanac is completely design for for Indian Stock Market.
All data available as per IST (Indian Standard Time).
All Aspects & Conjunctions available as per Geocentric & Heliocentric (both).
All ingress available as per Geocentric & Heliocentric (both).
Entire VOC Dates for 2017.
Key Dates for Indian Stock Market.


ABOUT W.D. GANN - WD Gann became the only Financial Astrologer of his time. A quote in the Journal of Commerce on the 15th January 1921 states, “His calculations are based on the Science of letters, Numbers and Astrology”. It has been said that Gann used planes to inspect crops, however this is highly unlikely as he knew in advance what the market was doing. This is proven in “Tunnel thru the air” where he forecast the exact top and price of cotton on 8th September 1927 at 24.40 (page 196), also on page 208 of “How to make profits in Commodities” for the exact time and price. He also forecast that the stock exchange would close due to panic selling on 3rd October 1931, the low was on 5th October and the market rallied from 85.51 to a high of 119.15 on 9th November 1931 as predicted in “Tunnel thru the air” on page 321 to 323. The book was published on 9th May 1927. It was possible that the planes were a tax deduction and he flew the money he made to a South American bank account.

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