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a Webinar for Mcx Crude Oil Traders.

As we know Candlestick analysis is the most popular analysis from the past 2 decades. Every financial instruments can analysis by this technique, but only few traders knows this technique in well format. Now we are going to organize 2 - Hour Webinar in the Hindi language for MCX Crude Oil traders. This Webinar is specially designed for Indian Mcx trader, who want to use the original analytical  technique in their trading business.

Please note: This webinar is designed for Crude Oil traders, and we will describe all fanatic features, only for Mcx Crude Oil. Therefore join only Mcx traders.


In this webinar we are going to discuss these points -

Brief knowledge of Candle Stick
How can we interpret Candle Stick patterns ?
How can we analyze Crude Oil on Candle Stick pattern ?
How can we use Candle Stick knowledge in Crude Oil Trading ?
How can we add "astro phenomena" with Candle Stick patterns ?
Most reliable Candle Stick patterns for Crude Oil.
How can we initiate Candle Stick pattern in Crude Oil trading ?
Date 19 Jan 2019
Time 11:30 AM - 02:30 PM
Language Hindi
Fee 222 / -
Total Seats 100

 Booked Seats : 16 │ Seats Left: 84




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