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  Please note- This Webinar is only for full time traders, if you are a part time trader, then do not resister yourself. 

5 - Hour Webinar on Bar By Bar Technical Analysis for Serious Traders is intended for the beginner to the advanced trader and investor who want to work in Stock or Commodity market as a Full time traders.


l The Webinar is focused on throwing new light in the field of decision making trading and investing.
l Simple techniques to understand the buying and selling pressure in instruments. (tops and bottom).
l Entry and Exit points.


What You Will Learn in This Webinar -

l Price Action
Trend Bars & Doji Bars
Bar Basics: Signal Bars, Entry Bars, Setups, and Candle Patterns
Signal Bars: Reversal Bars
Signal Bars: Other Types
Outside Bars
The Importance of The Close of the Bar
The Importance of the Close of the Bar
Second Entries
Late and Missed Entries
l Trend Line & Trend Channels
Trend lines
Micro Trend lines: Small, Steep Trend lines in ST
Horizontal Lines: SP and Other KPL
Trend Channel Lines
Dueling Lines: Intersecting Trend line & Trend Channel Line.

l Trends
Two Legs
Signs of Strength
Common Trend Patterns
Trend from the Open
Reversal Day
Trend Resumption Day
Trending Trading Range Days
Tight Channels and Spike and Channel Bull or Bear
Broad Channel Trend
First Pullback Sequence: -
Bar, Minor Trend line, EMA, EMA Gap, Major Trend line
Double Top Bear Flags and Double Bottom Bull Flags EMA and Gap EMA Pullbacks
Trend Day 12:00 Stop Run Pullback to Trap You Out
Counting the Lags of a Trend
High/Low 1,2,3 and 4
Variations of High/Low
Three Push Pullbacks

l Trading Range
TT Ranges
Barb Wire
Middle of the Day, Middle of the Range
Big Up, Big Down
Trading Ranges Setting Up Trend Reversals
l Breakouts
Breakout Entries in Strong Trend
Breakout Pullbacks & Breakout Tests

l Magnets
Measured Moves Based on the First Pullback (AB=CD)
Measured Moves on Breakouts Based on Thin Areas and on Flags
l Trend Reversals
Trend line Break
Climaxes, Parabolas and V Tops and Bottoms
Signs of Strength in the First Leg of a Reversal
Trends Reverse with a Test
Double Top & Bottom Pullbacks
Spike and Trading Range Reversals
Three Pushes and Wedges
Expanding Triangles

l Minor Reversals: Failures
Failed Signal and Entry Bar and One- Tick Failed Breakouts
Failed High/Low2
Failed Higher High and Lower Low Breakouts
Failed Trend lines and Trend Channel Lines
Failed Reversals
Failed Final Flags: Tight Trading Range
Failed Final Flags: Huge Trend Bar
Failed Wedges
Failed Scalps
l Day Trading
Selecting a Market
Time Frames and Chart Types
Globex, Pre- Market, Post-Market, and Overnight Market
Scalping, Swinging, Trading, and Investing
Always in the Market
Have at Least Three Reasons to Enter a Trade
Entering on Stops

Protective Stops and Getting Trapped In or Out of a Trade


l The First Hour
Patterns Related to the Pre-market
Patterns Related to Yesterday
Trend Bar on Gap Open: First or Second Bar
Gap Openings: Reversals and Continuations
Trend from the Open or Trend from the First Bar
Third Bar of the Day and the 15 -Minute Close
Strong Trend Bars in the First Hour Often Predict Strength Later in the Day in the Same Direction
Opening Patterns and Reversals
Double Bottom and Double Top Flags
Trending Range Breakouts
First Pullback
l Detailed Day Trading Examples

100+ Examples


Date 28 March 2020
Time 10:00 Am - 03:00 Pm
Language English
Fee 1000 / -
Total Seats 100


Please note: Recording will be not provided after the Webinar, so you must Join.
If you failed to attend the program on 28 March 2020  then the Fee will neither be refunded nor be adjusted in any future program.


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