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Trial Trade Technique
Originally Developed by W.D. Gann Proved By Krishna Attri
Author - Krishna Attri

W. D. Gann is known throughout the stocks and commodities markets. In 1935, W.D. Gann developed an astro (nomy / logy) phenomenal strategy to catch bottom fishing for Stocks & Commodities. Even he never published that strategy in any book. But he introduced that strategy in his personal newsletters & their courses. This strategy was so precise that the trades made on this basis were very successful. You can guess from this that the success of this strategy was about 92 percent.

9 years ago I suddenly found this strategy from W.D. Gannís newsletters, and since then I am using it. Now I feel that this is the right time to let the world know about this strategy which is originally developed by W.D. Gann. With the help of this book, you can evaluate the turning date of any stock or commodity in advance. And you can know the natural date of any stock or commodity in W.D. Gann style as well. This book makes you a better Gann style investor.

A book, to be worth reading, must do more than amuse and interest. It must be instructive to be of real value to the reader. This book has a threefold purpose:

1st, How can we use astrological or astronomical events in our trading business.
2nd, How can we make a smart idea to make an entry and keep a proper stop loss in any stock or commodity.
3rd, How can we make a smart guess our coming target.



Author Krishna Attri
Publisher Attri Forecast Co.
Format Paperback
No. Of Page 200
Language English
Price 3000 / -


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