ABOUT BOOK - ASTRO TRADING STRATEGY FOR BANK NIFTY is the definitive guide to trading Bank Nifty cycles based on astrological data. This book makes the connection between the movements of planets and the volatility of the Bank Nifty. Readers can draw upon 16 years of historical data as they learn how to spot correlations from the past. The book covers the principles of astrological forecasting as applied to the Bank Nifty, explaining what to watch for and how to interpret panchanga activity, plus expert insight on everyday practical application.


ABOUT AUTHOR - Krishna Attri is not a new name in the Indian Stock Market. From the past 9 years Krishna Attri present his views on Indian Stock Market on various platform. He is the only person who rectify and proof the ancient saga of analysis "Dhruvank Theory" for financial market. Krishna Attri, well known financial and economic analyst, is a veteran writer who has contributed many important treatises to the science of astrology. Based on his experience of applying the principles of astrology on the stock markets he has authored the most popular books in the past. Krishna Attri has studied long history of share market (BSE from last 30 years, NSE from last 24 years, DOWJONE from last 135 years) with astrological criteria. Which shows the repetitions of market history, Krishna Attri believe that history repeats but it’s require long criteria he mark that history is repeats by certain astrological combination.

Poonam Sainani Famous Astrologer in Mumbai is an expert in financial astrology and a renowned Consultant. Astrologer Poonam Sainani is well known all over the world. Poonam Sainani is not only the world’s highest-paid astro-trading coach — she’s also a trusted advisor to traders, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals who want to express spiritual intentions, social consciousness, and core integrity as they maximize personal wealth and shared abundance.

Poonam has earned the highest levels of professional certification from the world’s leading astrological organizations, and brings a vast array of practical experience and cutting-edge expertise to his work with innovative businesses and highly motivated individuals.


Author Krishna Attri & Poonam Sainani
Publisher Attri Forecast Co.
Format Paperback & eCopy
No. of Pages 230 in Print Edition (Paperback)
No. of Pages 238 in Print Edition (In eCopy)
Language English
Price eCopy 999 Inr in India
Price Paperback 1780 Inr in India

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