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Nifty Prediction - 2015 [Vol - 4, Part - 2] STOCK MARKET MUHURTAS
The Dynamics Of Horoscope Astrostock Trading
अर्थ कुण्डली - जाने आपके भाग्य मैं आकस्मिक (शेयर, कमोडिटी बाज़ार) से धन योग है भी या नही ?

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Nifty Prediction - 2015 (Volume - 4, Part - 2)

No one can predict the stocks future. But you can get proper sentiment from astrology. Over all market run behind sentiment. So that is enough for a trader to get league.

A.S Kamat

Now Attri Forecast Co. publish print edition NIFTY PREDICTION - 2015 (Volume - 4, Part -2) on the base of Vedic Astrology. This is a complete solution for day trader who want to trade in NSE's NIFTY Future. This is the very first book, which has given a clear picture what happens next and what to do next ?

In the previous volumes we gave approximate 80 % results.

  Features -


Section - 2 is for Small Capital Investors / Traders.
Used very simple language to understand.
Advice for buying or selling in Nifty future on daily basis.
Advice to buy or sell in sector wise.
Occasionally advice to buy or sell NIFTY option on daily basis.
Occasionally advice to buy or sell BANK NIFTY on daily basis.

Price - 1139 INR
Print edition distribution start from 16 June 2015.

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