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Astrology For Stock Market

Author Padam Singh Krishna Attri
Publisher Attri Forecast Co.
No. of Pages 155
Edition 2015
Format Electronic
Language English
Price 217

Few of us can understand why the all important relationship between astrology and finance (financial astrology) has been so completely neglected. Despite the importance of the progress in other branches of astrology, the student and investor has not, until now been be able to delve deeply into the roots of financial (market) astrology. The reason for this, we believe, is a lack of scientific logical or mythical information. And now it is the intention of this book to afford such knowledge.

This book is in no sense of the word the complete text on the subject. It does aim to present in factual form an outstanding new theory of financial (market) astrology. It also attempts to trace the operation of this theory upon the investor’s and trader’s possibilities in the Indian Stock Market.

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